1. Changing Diapers

I don’t mind changing diapers. In fact I enjoy this part of taking care of my child. I use cloth diapers and I get excited because I am reusing materials. This make me feel accomplished even though the process is gross.

2. Reading Books 

I haven’t finished a book since I got pregnant. Everyone told me to take advantage of my time pre-Hadley but I don’t think I understood how much time I had until I had her. I appreciate the quiet and peace of reading a book and a good story so much more now than I ever have. I’ve already finished a few books since starting my maternity leave and it’s been great.

3. Joining the “Parent Club”

Geoff and I have officially crossed the border of the no kids club to the kids club, YAY! I have found that people want to talk to me more and I actually have things to say. I am a socially awkward person (how i am any good at social worky things, I have no clue) so this is extremely helpful to me.

4. Catching up on TV shows

I love all things TV. Especially when Netflix adds new shows. I have found so many new shows to watch and have caught up on old ones. While I have lost many hours of my life from the DIY network, my husband has also lost hours due to the growing honey do list.

5. Increased Prayer

I have found myself in prayer so much more. There are times that Hadley will not sleep for what seems like forever and I want to pull my hair out and cry. Times such as this I find prayer to be completely everything that I need.


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