All About Stacy

Hadley Murphy

25 years young born and raised a Hoosier. I went to Indiana University for social work and graduated in 2012. I love the work I do. It’s hard but it’s where I’m meant to be.

Hadley Murphy1

I’m into healthy eating, healthy living, Jesus and home projects. My husband and I got married on June 30, 2012. We got our dog Vinny from the local Humane Society in October 2012. We bought our first home in June 2014 and had our first child on December 5, 2014. We attend Harvest North Indianapolis (church) and we LOVE it!


I want to share my musings and ramblings with the world. I want to stretch myself and grow in my faith and express my faith through words.


I want to share with you the things that make me excited and high on life. I hope that writing this blog can bring some smiles, laughter and happiness to your life and mine.



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