Weekend update

  So much has happened this week! Geoff and I had originally planned on attending an adoption conference in Durham this week. However, we were asked to meet with a girl who is needing placement so we decided to forgo our trip and meet with her. She will be placed with us this weekend and officially staying with us on Wednesday! 

We have also been using the time to get the girls rooms ready. I love a good DIY and my husband is home so I thought it would be a perfect time to take down all of the popcorn ceiling in the girls rooms. The project wasn’t nearly as much work as I had originally thought. AND I had help! 


Oh yea Hadley started walking this past week. She’s on the move and growing so much. I can’t believe her birthday is in ONE MONTH! This year has flown by!


The next few weeks will be chaos and busyness but I’m so excited. 

Please pray for our family and the oficial transition as foster parents.

Cheers to change!



Favorite Moments of the Month

Favorite February Moments

I realize that it is now March but I’ve been busy enjoying my LAST week off before going back to work. I’m sad but I feel ready to go back….I think….

Anyways here are my favorite moments from last month….

1. Hadley had her first smiles. 

hadley smiles

2. Geoff had an interview for a new job (found out he got the job today)! 

3. Geoff and I had our tradition of making funfetti cake for our birthday’s.


4. Going out to breakfast for my birthday (I LOVE breakfast)

5. Getting back to running and working out

6. Staying inside during the various snowfalls

7. Going on a “fun” date to the shooting range and leaving in pure fear

8. Finishing the book, “Keep it Shut” by Karen Ehman

9. Starting the book “The Gospel of Ruth” by Carolyn Custis James

10. Hadley started sleeping through the night


11. Buying items for my cube at work in an attempt to be ready to go back to work

12. Hadley took her road trip trip to Nana and Papa’s house

and last but definitely not least

13. Starting the journey to finding my biological family

Looking forward to the memorable moments of March!


Let it snow


Today I woke up to find many inches of snow on the ground outside. I LOVE snow! Here’s why…

1. It’s the perfect reason to stay inside binge on Netflix, drink hot coco, and snuggle on the couch.

2. I can curl up in my favorite corner chair and read a great book while watching the peaceful snowfall.

3. Make my most favorite time consuming recipe…then watch more Netflix.

4. Snow is peaceful and calm and its makes me want to slow down and appreciate the time that has been given to me.

Enjoy your snow day Hoosiers!